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News: August 2009 Archives

This is a notice to you all that for a few days once again there may be a lull in posts here on Fun in the Murky. There are two reasons for it this time.

  1. My computer seems to have coughed and croaked on me. it started as the motherboard fan behaviing poorly and now it's looking like it's going to the shop for repairs tomorrow. I do have another computer in the house (of course), and I do have a computer to use at work, but all of my audio software is on the one that just tanked. Just after a fresh install of everything too. No lost data as it's on an external drive so that's a positive at least.
  2. The second reason is a little more personal so I'll leave it at this; I'm sick and need a few days of in and out hospital care to be able to claim to be healthy again. Nothing serious. Just annoying because of the time wasted sitting in a room and not being able to listen to anything more than the elevator music piped in. I'll pipe up later in the week if this will affect Bleep Radio. I suspect at this point that unless someone were to send me in a mix before Wednesday morning Bleep would be cancelled this week. My good soundcard is on the PC that went tits up!

Keep it real folks. And if one of you does want to send in a mix to have air on Bleep this week let me know. Send me an email or post here in the comments and we'll sort it out.

Takeover the Airwaves!

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A local scene website is currently running a contest and the winner of the contest gets their mix aired on a semi-local radio station. The two mixes that are currently 'neck and neck' are my own and another local boy by the alias of Furious George.

Now you'd probably have to register to participate (contribute mixes for future contests or to vote), but if you are up for go right on ahead.


It'd be nice to saturate the airwaves with some good ol' Techno. Even if it is just one mix per month.

Last Sunday I mentioned that I was going to be participating once again in a Second Life event at a place called 'The Drome'. It all went smoothly of course and this time around I had enough wits about me to make sure the show was recorded. This week's Bleep Radio is that recording. 2 hours and 32 Minutes in total makes it a heavy download, but a good listen.

Today also marks the first time Bleep is airing on it's new day. For the last several years Bleep has aired and been posted on Thursdays. That has now changed. Because of problems with streaming the show I had recently stopped the live broadcast. The good folks at livesets have come up with a solution, but it required airing at a different day and time. Bleep's official time stamp will now be 20:00 GMT on Wednesday's which I believe is bit better for those of you on that side of the world.

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - White
02 - Bracket "BassKick" Coin OP 08
03 - Crystal Distortion "Git On Up" Espressillon 51
04 - Ben Pest "Chaoenian Sole (remix)" Victim 07
05 - Sueme "Gummo Heavy G" dotcom 01
06 - Si Begg "Space Invaders" Algorithme 05
07 - Tobias Schmidt/Neil Landstrumm "Take Thatt" Sativae 02
08 - Neil Landstrumm "Sniff & Destroy" Peacefrog 44
09 - Braincell "Feedback" Harthouse 77
10 - The Blunted Boy Wonder "Pieces Of Eight" Music Man LP08
11 - Dave Angel "Fever" 4th & Braodway
12 - Luke's Anger "Working Overtime (Paul Birken Remix)" Bonus ROund 05
13 - Crystal Distortion "Music Device" Espressillon 51
14 - Ben Pest "There's A Party In My Mouth" Bonus Round 04
15 - Kikoman "Noise Box" Deep Fried 04
16 - Neil Landstrumm "Telex" Scandinavia
17 - Jay Denham "Active" Drought 01
18 - Oliver Rosemann "Brunhilde" MonoMenal 01
19 - Mark Hawkins "Withdrawal" Djax 342
20 - Chris Sattinger "Untitled" Communique 36
21 - .xtrak "Don't Stop" Yore 07
22 - Jamie Lidell "Sonelysome(o)ney" Sativae 13
23 - Hanno Hinkelbein "One Second" Ugly Funk 06
24 - Sven Vath "Scorpio's Movement" Virgin
25 - Luke's Anger "Half Step" Bowwow 05
26 - Sync 24 "It's A Soft Slip" Cultivated Electronics 04
27 - Freddy Fresh "Orange Krush" EMF
28 - Patrick Pulsinger "Once Again" Cheap
29 - Harold Faltermeyer "Axel F" MCA Records
30 - Spandex "Bermuda Triangle" Hand On The Plow 09
31 - Rustie "Jagz The Smack (Neil Landstrumm Remix)" Scandinavia
32 - Sutekh "Lubricant" Cytrax 09
33 - Knallkids Marky "Low Rider" Sleep Debt 01
34 - Earth Nation "Red Engine" Schallbau
35 - Dave Brubek Quartet "Take Five"
36 - The Andrews Sisters "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"
37 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 "The Dock Of The Bay"

Download The August 26th, 2009 Archive

Back in March I did a live stream in Second Life for a friendly group of people trying to push music around. Back in April I used a re-recording of a part of that set as a Bleep Radio show. When I mentioned everything in the Bleep Radio post I also promised to give a heads up before it happened again.

Consider this you're heads up. On Sunday August 23rd, 2009 there'll be another live stream in Second Life.

There's a brief blog post on the site that is used to promo the events they hold for those of you who know how to navigate Second Life. For those of you who don't know too much...join the club. It wasn't too tough to figure out. Just jump in!

More info

The whole idea is admittedly still a little foreign to me, but when it comes to people who gather to listen to music I could care less where it takes place. Pull up a chair and turn up the speakers.

A mixed up bit of House and a fun variety of Techno of various shades to while away your Thursday afternoon. I was actually going to keep it a little lighter and more 'sitting on the porch in the sun', but it turned a little darker at some point.

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[00:57] Steve Silk Hurley "The Word Is Love" News [2001 repress]
[07:35] Global Communications "The Way" Nrk [2009 repress]
[13:03] Natural Rhythm "Saturdays" Guesthouse Music 20 [2007]
[18:27] Curtis Vodka "Lift Me Up (DMX Krew remix)" On The Bringk 08 [2009]
[21:54] white
[26:04] Essit Muzique "Kount Zeerow" DAP 17
[29:44] Paul Birken "Numbskull" L'hallucidite 07
[34:32] Luke's Anger "Hard As Snails" Kittycorner 07 [2009]
[36:35] Spaceface "Wrong Turn"Coin Op 07 []
[41:18] 6th Borough Project "Planets" Instruments Of Rapture 02 [2009]
[43:36] BFC "Galaxy" Logic LP 20 [2001]
[46:00] Audio Tech "I'm Your Audio Tech" Express01 [2009 repress]
[48:26] Bjorn Svin "Heated & Muted" Dont 13 [2008]
[50:36] Fanon Flowers "Acid Survival" Studio Sound 01 [2009]
[53:16] Ben Pest "Snatch" Panic Bridge 01 [2006]
[56:04] Spandex "Bermuda Triangle" Hand On The Plow 09 [2009]

Download The August 20th, 2009 Archive

Yesterday I was rooting around in the backseat of my car to find a CD and stumbled across an old burnt copy of Bleep Radio #1. Time does fly doesn't it? 172 sets later and Bleep is still going strong. Wavering only periodically and never very seriously. I seemingly still have plenty in me to share.

I'm currently tossing around the idea of a monthly mail-out, a physical item mail-out that is. Bleep has never partaken in 'mailing lists'. I hate unsolicited email as much as the anyone of you (if not more). Of course I'm kinda brain-storming aloud here, but it would probably consist of a DVD burnt containing the last 6 months of Bleeps plus a selection of the newest live-sets and whatnot downloaded from the Internet. I don't want it to be strictly a contest. More like a Bleep listener random selection. For that to work though I need to know who is listening. Comment, email, phone - I don't care how, but everyone who gets in touch each month regarding the show will be entered into a random draw. Sound good? Let's see!

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[01:05] Donk Boys "The By-Blow" Dirtybird 22 [2009]
[05:48] Troy Pierce "King Contrary Man" Minus 29 [2005]
[09:47] Orlando Voorn "Slam" Minimal Soul 02 [2008]
[13:01] Crystal Distortion "Music Device" Expresillon 51 [2009]
[17:58] The Blunted Boy Wonder "Pieces Of Eight" Music man lp08 [2000]
[21:34] Verthex Scratch "Ghetto Blaster" Bombtrap 04 [2006]
[25:02] Umek "Cantonol" Consumer Recreation 09 [2004]
[28:51] Jason Leach "Death March" Don't 12 [2008]
[30:42] Housemeister "What You Want" All You Can Beat 11 [2008]
[32:33] Noise Machine "Class A Part 1" Strukture 08 [2009]
[36:56] Punisher "Untitled" Seismic 03 [1999]
[40:30] Slapstick "Fashil" LabRat Audiochemicals 19 [2008]
[42:40] Sueme "Shot In The Knee" .com 04 [2000]
[45:39] Crystal Distortion "Git On Up" Expresillon 51 [2009]
[50:15] Space Djz "Tripods" beta Mechanical 01 [2009]
[53:43] Lo Real"Squaredance" Planet Source 07 [1997]
[57:03] Boris Divider "Clone Factory" Satamile 29 [2005]
[59:44] Sync 24 'It's A Soft Slip" Cultivated Electronics 04 [2009]

Download The August 13th, 2009 Archive

This month's numbers are admittedly a little lower than last month. However, that's probably because last month was our first foray into the 1,000,000+ successful page request club. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this month was affected in a negative way by the lack of new releases I could find to post. I know I get cranky when the record order is non-existent or smaller than usual.

Let's kick start the month of June of with a Top Ten list compilation. Post a Top Ten in the comments to this post or email it to me ( and in a week or so I'll combine them all into a single post. It'll give us a chance to see what else the FitM folks are listening to. No stipulations attached. It can be new or old material. I'll post mine to get the ball rolling later today.

Files with more than 1000 Downloads:
EDMX Podcast 5
EDMX Podcast 1
EDMX Podcast 8
Bleep Radio 49
Bleep Radio 41
Trevor Wilkes - TR Mix Snippet
Bleep Radio 169: Dimitry Ghost
Bleep Radio 161: Tobias Schmidt & Bill Youngman Re-Live
Bleep Radio 167: Mark Hawkins
Andrez Bergen Live in Tokyo
Grabix: Proba Komputera

Referrers of more than 1000:

Top 5 Search Terms:
"fun in the murky",
"bleep radio",
"chris sheppard pirate radio sessions",
"jerome hill radio",
"dmx krew bongard problems"

Other search terms that let me know which posts were perhaps the most resourceful for people: "ben pest", "aeox", "dmx krew bass drop", "housemeister", "grendel drone commander".

The Raw Numbers:
bold = increase over last month
Successful requests: 559,438
Average successful requests per day: 18,041
Successful requests for pages: 414,602
Average successful requests for pages per day: 13,370
Distinct files requested: 34,993
Distinct hosts served: 14,936
Data transferred: 640.74 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 20.66 gigabytes

Geo Locations July 31 2009.jpg

During the month of July there were visitors from over 970 cities across the world. Here's the top 25 city breakdown.

City - Visits | Average Pageviews
London - 283 | 3.27
St Petersburg - 187 | 3.77
Tokyo - 150 | 3.26
Berlin - 123 | 3.31
Frankfurt am Main - 114 | 2.27
Szczecin - 104 | 3.61
Slupsk - 89 | 2.47
Dublin - 88 | 2.18
Islington - 71 | 2.69
Melbourne - 71 | 1.46
Minneapolis - 65 | 1.62
Munich - 60 | 2.62
Kassel - 59 | 2.29
Adelaide - 52 | 1.48
Grimsby - 48 | 3.21
Manchester - 47 | 1.43
Halle - 44 | 1.25
New York - 43 | 1.56
Giessen - 40 | 2.88
Don Mills - 39 | 2.49
Birmingham - 37 | 3.49
Kaunas - 36 | 4.08
Chester - 34 | 3.24
Leipzig - 34 | 3.53
Dusseldorf - 33 | 3.42

Ad Revenue
(Money earned via the Google Ads and Banner space)
Google Ads: 26 Clicks / $6.24
Banner: $0

Murky Ad Totals for July: $6.24
murky funds are for Murky's server and bandwidth (640 gigabytes this month!)

Trevor Wilkes


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