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News: December 2009 Archives

Mark Hawkins has put together another of his ### Dj sets for us to listen to. Full of tracky bass and bleep cuts of the not so hard variety it's an easy one to bounce thorugh.

1.Justin Berkovi "No Need To Comprehend" (Native)
2.False "Falling Away" (M_nus)
3.Ditch "Jack Pot" (Snork)
4.Audion "Fred's Bells" (Spectral)
5.Jabberjaw "Safety Flirt" (Spectral)
6.Matthew Dear "Dog Days (Pantytec Interpretation)" (Spectral)
7.Lawrence "The Night will Last Forever (Lusine Remixe)" (Dial/Novamute)
8.Maurizio "M6-A" (Maurizio)
9.Gemini "For The Crazy" (Relief)
10.Jeff Mills "Gift Of The Hills" (Purposemaker)
11.Audion "Just A Man" (Spectral)
12.Maurizio "M5-A" (Maurizio)
13.Spandex "Rag And Bones" (Sleep Debt)
14.Hobo "Touch" (M_nus)
15.Samklang "Micropuls" (Snork)
16.James Cotton "I Seek" (Spectral)
17.Mr Oizo "Half A Scissor" (F-Com)
18.Mathew Johnson " Decompression" (M_nus)
19.Kosmic Messenger "Get Down" (Elypsia)
20.Samklang "Ich Zeig Dir Wie" (Snork)
21.Fym "Pinky Krystul" (Boogizm)
22.S-Max "Xeroxed Astro Monkeys" (Boogizm)
23.Dennis Siemion "Airbagging" (Axodya)
24.Kosmik Kommando "Apple Magic" (Axodya)
25.Tim Xavier "Rocket Science" (LTD 400)
26.Royal Flesh "Dudley's Voder" (Drought)
27.Massimo Di Lena "Gypsy Town" (Cadenza)
28.Angel Alanis "Deputy Power (Angels mix)" (UC Music)
29.Daft Punk "Phoenix" (Virgin)
30.Boo Williams "Midnight express" (Relief)
31.Matthew Dear "Plinko" (Spectral)
32.Underground Resistance "Codebreaker-A" (Underground Resistance)


On December 19th I went into Toronto as a friend of mine was having a wee gathering at his place. 'His place' isn't your run-of-the-mill bedroom jock set-up though, as he runs the 'WestsideWax Dj School'. For 6 hours we all cycled through bouts of talking, drinking, breaking our host's wine glasses, listening to people play and some of us playing ourselves. Ian was smart enough to hit record on a laptop and pick up the evenings audio.

This week's Bleep is my time on the decks from that night as snipped from the much longer file.
Whole Night: Download (738MB)

That's how I put it anyway, here's Ian's commentary on the Techno community in which he's involved:

This week's Bleep was recorded live at WestsideWax Studio's annual holiday bash, an invite-only party held on Saturday, December 19. WestsideWax is a multi-faceted musical and artistic endeavour based in the heart of downtown Toronto. The studio is a unique entity, offering vinyl-only DJ lessons to youth and adults alike. And while most of the city's DJ schools focus on turntablism techniques associated with Hip-Hop, WestsideWax's curriculum is geared toward the Techno, House and Electro enthusiast, ensuring students develop an appreciation for the craft in its original medium and encouraging in-depth exploration of the vast history of all three genres. The studio also promotes occasional events ("whenever the mood strikes") under the Pivot moniker, making use of unique and underused venues and eschewing gimmicky trends for the basics of high quality soundsystems and local talent who follow the credo of substance over style. Past guests include Andreas Marouchos, Dylan T (a.k.a. Jack Tripper), Destro Sanchez, Glenn Antram, E.K.G., Core Matrix and of course Bleep's own Trevor "Isoprax" Wilkes, who has thrown down memorable sets at the past two Pivot events.

To find out more about WestsideWax and Pivot events:

WestsideWax on Facebook | Pivot on Facebook | The FamilyUmbrella Blog

or contact Ian by email at

[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[01:05] Unknown / Previous DJ last track
[02:15] Paul Birken "Wampa Stamp" Don't 16
[06:06] Groove Asylum "Work That Sucker" Don't 02R
[09:22] Afrojack "Dinges" White Noise 03
[13:44] Edmx & Yuri Suzuki "Mental SX 150" Breakin 57
[16:09] Cristian Vogel "Don't Take More (Jamie Lidell Remix)" Tresor 65
[19:11] Oliver Rosemann "Brunhilde" MonoMental 01
[21:15] Warlock "Black Bag Of Doom" Coin Op 10
[24:36] Jerome Hill "Tickle The Bee" Coin Op 05
[27:00] Wifi Of The Undead "wifioftheundead" Brackout 01
[29:05] Dj Seduction "Hardcore Heaven"
[31:51] Mike Dearborn "Birds On E" Djax
[33:42] Drew Sky "Werkitbq!#W" Dance Mania 207
[36:04] Luke's Anger "Working Overtime (Paul Birken Remix)" Bonus Round 05
[39:01] Eric Martin "Fire Alarm" Dance Mania
[41:21] Hot City "Headwork" Highpointlowlife
[45:21] Ben Pest "Jumpadelic" Bonus Round 04
[47:48] 3d!t "Buy This Fukkin Record" Don't 03
[51:41] Klangnet A
[53:47] Hardrive "Deep Inside" Strictly Rhythm
[56:59] Tobias Schmidt "Ping Pong" Input-Output 10
[60:00] Fix "Flash" KMS 43
[63:56] Unknown / Next DJ first track

Download The December 30th, 2009 Archive

Edmx Podcast 14

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The newest Edmx Podcast is now available. It should totally help you through another one of these boring December 25th mornings with it's eclecticism.

Here's the final Podcast for 2009, featuring old-school hip hop, ragga, UK garage and Detroit electro.
Hope you all get what you want for Christmas (I want a Clarence G record please).

Edmx Podcast Home, Direct Download

Mudd Up! Says Bleep

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I woke up this morning to a piece of good news. Geoff Manaugh has informed me that he was a guest on a NY based radio show last week and that while discussing music he enjoys with the host Dj/Rupture he mentioned a few people familiar to FitM and Bleep Radio!

Ok, it's not huge news, but it's always appreciated when someone mentions this music we like.

Einstürzende Neubauten Armenia
Geoff Manaugh live interview!!
3d!t & Luke's Anger Voltage Converter
Geoff Manaugh live interview!! (MP3 | Pop‑up )
Michael Forshaw Serial SC
Geoff Manaugh live interview!!
DJ Tron Track 6 - Knightvision - Humanoid
Geoff Manaugh live interview!!
DJ Bone Break It Down feat. Alecxis Jaina
Geoff Manaugh live interview!!
Mark Williams The Sins of Our Farther
Geoff Manaugh live interview
Bodycode What Did You Say

Show Information | Archive stream

Sequestered away on the 3rd floor, surrounded by records and absolutely no snow are the conditions during which this recording was...recorded. No complaints from this warm bodied individual are going to be heard; I like records and hate snow.

I seem to have narrowed down a bag full of stuff that I may stick with for a few weeks. So you'll notice that a lot of the tracks will be familiar, as they were played last week. I prefer to play that way. From a restricted bag of records that is. It eventually leads to sets that have more energy to them. I feel that way at least. When I'm playing a bunch of records that I just grabbed off of the shelves too much thought goes into remembering what the record is and not enough into how it can be used. I think you'll notice a big difference between last week's set and this week's in terms of how the records are used.

Next week's show is even better (in my opinion anyway). On December 19th I went to a friend's House-party in Toronto and a bunch of us played loud for the rest who came to listen, talk and drink. I lasted until 4am which is clearly 5 hours past my old man bed-time, but the recording is worth it. It's a nice jammer.

Enjoy the tracklist below. I'm off on 2 weeks of holiday time so I had a bit more time to put it together than usual.

Bleep Radio #192
Aired: December 23rd, 2009
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[ Dirty Spinach ]

01 - Stacy Kidd "Swing It (Love Beat Mix)" Dance Mania 139
[15213 Loomis EP 1995 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky | Youtube ]

02 - Cristian Vogel "The Backward 's'" Tresor 192
[Dungeon Master LP 2002 | Discogs ]

03 - Stacy Kidd "Swing It (Love Beat Mix)" Dance Mania 139
[15213 Loomis EP 1995 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky | Youtube ]

04 - Edmx & Yuri Suzuki "Mental SX-150" Breakin 57
[Untitled Ep 2009 | Discogs ]

05 - Groove Asylum "Unknown" Don't 2R
[Work That Sucker EP 2007 Repress | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

06 - Paul Birken "You No Mess With Jess" Don't 16
[Expelled Voltage EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

07 - Dj Bone "Mutant Strain 3" Bastardo Electrico 02
[Encounter 002 EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

08 - Luke's Anger "Jerk Ckicken" Bowwow 05
[Dead Like Elvis EP 2006 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky | Youtube ]

09 - Wifi Of The Undead "Twenty Four Seven" Brackout 01
[[b] EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

10 - Neil Landstrumm "Rotten" Combat 22
[Acid House James May EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

11 - Wifi Of The Undead "Wifi Of The Undead" Brackout 01
[[b] EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

12 - Dead Letter Drop 02
[Untitled EP 2007 | Discogs ]

13 - Tobias SChmidt & Neil Landstrumm "Take Thatt" Sativae 02
[Occupation Ep 1995 | Discogs ]

14 - Funk D'Void "Jack Me Off" Soma 29
[Jack Me Off EP 1995 | Discogs | Youtube]

15 - Afrojack "Dinges" White Noise 03
[Dinges Ep 2008 | Discogs | Youtube]

16 - Steve Parker "Loaded" Synewave 86
[Loaded Remixes EP 2009]

17 - Ben Pest "Chaouenian Sole (Remix)" Victim 07
[Off Piste Ep 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky ]

18 - Edmx & Qwerty "Madd Aciddd" Breakin 57
[Untitled Ep 2009 | Discogs ]

19 - Warlock "Black Bag Of Doom" Coin Op 10
[Safe Me Up EP 2009 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky | Youtube]

20 - Eric Martin "Fire Alarm" Dance Mania 50
[Sump Pump Ep 1993 | Discogs | Fun in the Murky | Youtube ]

Download The December 23rd, 2009 Archive

I wasn't really enjoying myself while recording this week's Bleep on Monday evening. I hate when I have to start recording a new batch of mixes for Bleep. Playing a few records after work isn't the same as having to record at least an hour for the show. Listening to the mix in the car on the way to work today shows me the mix isn't as awful as I felt it was when playing it. The whole playing for the fun of it thing definitely needs to be done a few more times this week to make up for the forced mixing. That's for sure.

Bleep Radio 191
Aired: December 16th, 2009
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - Cristian Vogel "Macropanopticoninuum" Tresor 192
02 - Joey Beltram "Metro (Dj Skull Remix)" Tresor 50
03 - Lief Ryan "Dance and R'N'B'" Iron Oxide 04
04 - Justin Berkovi "To The Past And Back" Projex 09
05 - Neil Landstrumm "Gotham City" Tresor
06 - Paul Birken"Wampa Stamp" Don't 16
07 - Frankie Bones "Work That Shit" Ghettotechnics 14
08 - Marco Carola "Beginning" Tritone 10
09 - Hardfloor "Insert Coin" Harthouse
10 - Afrojack "Dinges" White Noise 03
11 - Edmx & Yuri Suzuki "Mental SX-150" Breakin 57
12 - Dj Funk "Pump It Remix" Ghetto Series 01
13 - Track Assassin "Confuzion" Catalyst
14 - Stacy Kidd "Rausaun" Dance Mania 139
15 - Steve Poindexter "Work That Mutha Fucker" Djax 154
16 - Si Begg "Space Invaders" Algorithme 05

Download The December 16th, 2009 Archive

It's getting to be that special time of year. When people are nice because they're supposed to be and where things really start to slow down music wise. Don't let that fool you into thinking this is a filler post. I would have mentioned it regardless.

Aside from the new glamour, he's also put up some sample packs, sets and tracks. Go forth and pillage.

Luke's Anger

This set has actually been kicking around for over a month now. It was originally going to be used straight away, but then a spate of guest mixes came through. It's a bit off of the recent theme which has been fairly hard the last two weeks, but then again I've also never tried to structure Bleep thematically so it doesn't really matter a whit does it!

Bleep Radio #190
Aired: December 9th, 2009
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
01 - Dj Hyperactive "I Like To Get Down" Communique 38
02 - Jeff Samuel "Moniss" Spectral 23
03 - Marcin Czubala "Don't Need The Sun To Shine" 8bit 24
04 - Johnny Fiasco "Keep On Dancing" White
05 - Marcin Czubala "Revive La Noche" 8bit 24
06 - Danilo Vigorito "Eden Club" Intelligence 02
07 - Audion "Kisses" Spectral 15
08 - Spandex "Bermuda Triangle" Hand On The Plow 09
09 - Steve Parker "Loaded" Synewave 86
10 - Outsider "Sex Is Extra (dot-bleep re-edit)" Junior Boy's Own
11 - Oliver Dodd "Untitled" sk8 12 - Donk Boys "Red Hot Fix" Plak 16
13 - False "Warsaw Bread" Plus 8 79
14 - Brett Johnson "Sling Blade" Cynosure 30
15 - Spandex "Too Tight" Hand On The Plow 05

Download The December 9th, 2009 Archive

About 2 weeks ago is when I found Pyschomantix. Or rather, more properly, when he introduced himself. When I invited him into the folds to participate in Bleep Radio I didn't expect a mix sent in so soon. I've gotten much too used to the 6+ month waits that are the norm. Enjoy his Bleeps, Bass and Nipple Tweaks.

Bleep Radio 189
Aired: December 2nd, 2009
Mixed by: Psychomantix Psychomantix on Myspace, Bazzmacho Bookings on Myspace

00 - 3d!t - Bleep Radio Intro
01 - queaver & versis - crank
02 - mark hawkins -defiance
03 - fin phranklin - paco paco
04 - quick and smart - in fill trade
05 - cannibal cooking club - at at ar i (tsr mix)
06 - paul birken & bob brown - a rediculous
07 - hanson & schrempf - schweine & diamanten
08 - hanson & schrempf - rohrbruch
09 - subhead - baltic
10 - subhead - ruprecht
11 - michael forshaw - northwave espresso
12 - neil landstrumm - rockers "the underground king"
13 - christian vogel - In
14 - aeox - superfuckt
15 - cannibal cooking club - policeman jump castle
16 - nino fight - cool beat
17 - reche & recall8 - the monkey & the cowboy
18 - informatix - accident in paradise (si begg mix)
19 - chris liberator - steamliner (d.drummer& j.hill mix)
20 - jerome hill - shticklebrix
21 - crystal distortion - jack goes to toyland
22 - surfing bernard - snake a shake
23 - fin phranklin - yo wannit bad, boy
24 - fin phranklin - ride ya
25 - bolz bolz - take a walk (si begg mix)

Download The December 2nd 2009 Archive

Overall I'm very happy with the numbers, but I am going to make some changes. I'm noticing more and more that a lot of these mp3 radio/streaming sites are leeching sets (15% or so of my bandwidth right now). I'm going to be making some changes to the web server to slow that behaviour down or stop it unless I'm asked directly. If anyone else experiences problems downloading please let me know. I don't want those of you simply downloading to suffer for those who clearly aren't in the same boat.

Files with more than 1000 Downloads:
Bleep Radio 49: Trevor Wilkes
Peter Mangalore: Nobody Likes A Moaner
Bleep Radio 161: Bill Youngman & Tobias Schmidt Re-Live
Bleep Radio 41: Trevor Wilkes
Edmx Podcast 12
Dj Serox: Old House and Acid
Bleep Radio 188: BeNi (1709 Hits in 1 week!)
Bleep Radio 186: Trevor Wilkes

Referrers of more than 1000:
(Range: 1002-16021)

Top 5 Search Terms:
"fun in the murky",
"bleep radio",
"martin mueller alpha dog",
"posthuman lander",

Other search terms that let me know which posts were perhaps the most resourceful for people: "bankie phones", "mutter fuck", "jimmy edgar funktion ep", "techno from the east", "slappy recordings".

The Raw Numbers:
Successful requests: 526,949
Average successful requests per day: 17,560
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Distinct files requested: 32,953
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Geo Locations October 31 2009.jpg

During the month of October there were visitors from over 895 cities across the world. Here's the top 25 city breakdown.

City - Visits | Average Pageviews
London - 329 | 2.58
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Frankfurt am Main - 104 | 5.36
Neubrandenburg - 84 | 1.37
Islington - 83 | 2.90
Hannover - 79 | 3.97
Hamilton - 75 | 5.11
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Szczecin - 62 | 2.97
Norwich - 57 | 2.30
Los Angeles - 51 | 1.69
Halle - 50 | 2.82
Trier - 49 | 6.55
Tampere - 45 | 1.84
Poznan - 44 | 2.91
Moscow - 44 | 2.45
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Edinburgh - 41 | 2.61
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Glasgow - 34 | 3.65

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Google Ads: 54 Clicks / $9.97

Murky Ad Totals for October: $9.97
murky funds are for Murky's server and bandwidth (687 gigabytes this month!)

Trevor Wilkes


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