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Podcast: December 2006 Archives

I set a new land speed record today. I got stuck at work doing over-time on the one day I need to be home by a certain time -- to start the show. So that explains the 5 minute late start. Would have been worse had the roads been as busy as they are when I usually leave. No one even noticed I bet. I'm anal about punctuality though, so it drove me nuts.

This show was a bit of a brain fart in slow motion. I had a Detroit Techno theme request 3 weeks ago and I actually put together a Detroit Techno show (now to be Bleep 48). Between the time I finished that mix Mark said he'd be willing to do a show. Bump goes my mix.

I then forgot about the next Bleep being Mark's. I made the mix he gave me available for download. Brain Fart. I can't even blame the stress of Holidays. I don't celebrate. Brain Fart.

The word Miffed was used.

So I checked my server logs and saw there wasn't too many downloads yet (<100). So I hid the file, edited the news entry and prepared myself and the mix for Bleep.

Bleep 47: Mark Hawkins Live

For those of you who don't know who Mark is, here are some links:
Mark's label Crime Productions
Mark on Myspace
Mark on
Mark on Discogs

This mix is Mark performing Live in Taganrog, Russia. It was an event hosted by Phubriq, a Russian Net-Label. Vadz, Mark's host while there, and one of the Dj's that night also gave me his set with tracklist. It's available here. Techno City 2 looked like a fun night. The Garage Club -- where it was held -- Looks a hell of a lot swankier than anything where I live. There was also a lot of people obviously there to party and jam to Mark's set. How do I know all this? No I didn't merely take the word of someone. I watched the Video

Download: Bleep Radio 47: Mark Hawkins Live @ Techno City 2
Download: The Video

Big up the 90 or so people who snagged this a few days early. You only get lucky once punks!

Bleep Bleep Bleep!

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As show 46 winds up I can't help but notice we're nearing the two year mark for Bleep Radio's 2nd incarnation. The first run lasted 1 year followed by a short break as I reorganized my life and went back to business. Nearly 3 years in total, it certainly doesn't feel like it. I've got a pretty good track record too. In that whole span of time I've only had to cancel 1 show. Maybe I should put my head to it and see if I can come up with something special for the anniversary...

While I'm pondering if anyone has anything they'd like to hear, don't be shy, toss your idea to me. Themed mixes, Guest mixes...???

Bleep 46 Tracklist:
01 - Submission "Women Beat Their Men (Cevin's Peak Hour Dub)" Velocity Recordings 1006 [Women Beat Their Men EP 1997]
02 - Submission "Women Beat Their Men" News [Dance Train Classics 13 EP 2001]
03 - Co-Jack "Nghtmove" !K7 68 [Jack The Box LP ]
04 - Random Noise Generation "The Unknown" 430 West 500 [Untitled EP 2002]
05 - Tony Thomas "Electric People" Zebra Musik 03 [Fatal Charm EP 2003]
06 - Professor Plurby & Dr. E-Tard "Velvet Rope" Tonewrecker 02 [It's Not A Tumour, It's A Way Of Life EP 2001]
07 - Marko Laine "Above The Law" Djaxc-Up Beats 269 [Above The Law EP 1997]
08 - Thomas Schumacher "Elektrochemie LK" Confused 24 [Elektrochemie LK Remixes EP 1999]
09 - The Advent "Visualise" Kombination Research 10 [Monastic EP 1999]
10 - Keith Tucker "It's Time" Intuit-Solar 08 [Blueprint EP 2000]
11 - The Wee Djs "9K" Spacebar Sentiments 01 [Over The Counter Culture EP 2005]
12 - Axel Sohns "Analog Komplex" Tonewrecker 11 [Circling The Wagons EP 2006]
13 - Drax "Amphetamine" Acalwan [Amphetamine EP 1998]
14 - The Advent "Escapade" Kombination Research 10 [Monastic EP 1999]
15 - Doshy "Wild Things" Robox Neotech 01 [EP 01 2003]
16 - Misjah & Groovehead "Frozen memories" X-Trax 01 [Trippin Out Ep 1995]
17 - Unknown "Unknown" Remains 01 [We Must Leave ...EP]
18 - Female "Division" Downwards 012 [Pelotone EP 1996]
19 - V-Room "Audiology" Plus 8 17 [V-Room EP 1992]
20 - Justin Berkovi " Bad Wiper" Sativae 11 [Gravel Heart EP 1997]


If you'd like to peruse the new tracklist format with the running commentary, it's here in the official Bleep Radio archive.


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