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Radio Show: May 2007 Archives

I don't even quite know what to say about this Bleep. It's fantastic, that's for sure. Phlokker [aka quick and smart] definitely doesn't bore anyone. The sheer number of bits and samples tucked into this 66 minutes is enough to give someone with attention deficit disorder the screaming heebie jeebies.

THIS is what a "Techno" set should sound like.

I've got several more guest mixes lined up, but they aren't in yet. Bleep must go on though so I concocted a mix of stuff from my bag right now.

Bleep 59 is a "re-live". Cynthia Stern of Input-Output Inc. hosted a party in Sweden not long ago entitled "Mockba". The audio from Mockba was all recorded and Cynthia passed it to me for use as a Bleep. There were a total of 5 sets in all: Cynthia Stern, Towlie, Disko 3000, Tobias Schmidt and a final closing tag-team set by Cynthia Stern and Towlie. Only the live-sets performed by Disko 3000 and Tobias Schmidt were used for the aired version of Bleep 59. However, all of the audio from Mockba is being made available with the archives.

Bleep 58: Vadz

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I was first made aware of Vadz through Mark Hawkins. Mark had played in Taganrog, Russia alongside Vadz and ended up giving me the night's audio so I could hear how well it all went.

Right away I offered a spot on Bleep to Vadz, he seemed to play a great range of both new and old across the great genre divide that too many seem to shy from. Little did I know at that time...he also has some killer Electro, Techno and Acid tracks of his own...Tracks that he used for Bleep 58!

Grab a listen and I know you'll fully enjoy the mix.


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