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Radio Show: April 2008 Archives

Bass, jack, bleeps and dirt. Lots of stuff sneaked into this mix from before I really discovered the full force that is the wonk. I think you'll see that the Chicago jack and Detroit bleep were merely foreshadowing where I would eventually end up. All you have to do is add a bit of humour and distortion and you're 7/10 of the way there. Why only 7/10 you ask? Because good tunes are always more than just the sum of their parts, list of influences or web of creation.

A meandering walkabout is what today's Bleep is. I started off with a white which I'm certain --but can't prove-- is an old Svek record and then worked my way into some of the newer wonk massive that is about to drop. The new Don't made the grade of course. As well as the next Coin Op by the man with the plan 3d!t. I then detoured through some Michigan suburbs before hitting up Sweden before rounding it all off with something Chip Tronic floated me a few weeks ago as a taste test/heads up.

ok, the fine folk(s) are TalktoFilth / Pure Filth have put a little treat on the Interweb today for us. In full anticipation of an upcoming Pure Filth event featuring Mark (5 hour set!) a Dj Set has been posted. Clocking in at 2.5 hours and split into 2 parts it's more than should be posted all at once!

Now it's been called 'Filth Radio 001' but no additional information is given regarding future shows. I'm going to assume for now that it's going to be an 'as it happens' affair, but if they've got something regular planned I'll fill you all in. those that don't find/figure it out on their own anyway.

First of all I want to apologize for the rather lackluster tracklist. It's all Jerome had time to do. I was going to go through and add more info, but then time became a factor.

That said...Jerome has served us up a treat. Lots of stuff that has been filed away to the Wonky drawer for the last decade and beyond. Bringing out the stuff that's influenced needs to be done and needs to be done more often by more people. One of the reasons I always enjoy Jerome's sets is that he plays a broad range stylistically and also historically. These are two aspects are more important than almost anything else.

Being broad stylistically not only furthers the craft, but also shows connections and leads to discoveries. being broad historically leads a greater appreciation of the music now being enjoyed and leads to better music in the future. A sense of where it's been and what's been done is what Jerome does. And he does it well.

Jerome runs Don't Recordings. A label fully dedicated to swerving the community. Also one of my favorite labels. Check it.

Cristian Vogel and Ben pest make up The Black E. They have one Ep that has been released [Found on the Foundry Floor] and more to come I hope.

This set isn't the highest quality or clarity. It was recorded via microphone. So you can imagine it has some muffle to it. However, if Cris was willing to share it I wasn't about to say no. You can see the logic of my ways right? Anyway, enjoy it for what it is --one of the best sets of Bloc?-- or don't. It's your call. When I'm listening to it I try to think of it as a really old mixtape that is on it's last legs...Adds a nostalgia factor into the mix which I found suited the odschool 'ish' these two create on the fly as they're playing.

"...when the Black E play, we just jam that shit on the boxes - its all improvised on stage - there's something that resembles a track off the EP, and also a new track called Chimi Churri - its all played on 2 Korg ESX1 ' s , a Casio RZ1 and a Yamaha DX200 - the guest vocal in the middle is my wife, Onne G"

So there you have it. The formula for world domination.

Cristian Vogel :discogs, myspace, no future
Ben Pest: discogs, myspace

The Black E: discogs


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