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Statistics: January 2007 Archives

Top 5 Files Downloaded:

1 Unknown CJ Bolland Mix
2 Neil Landstrumm on BBC
3 Mark Hawkins - Wein Nachts im Berlin
4 Bleep Radio 45
5 Bleep Radio 47 (Mark Hawkins

Top 5 Referrers:


Top 5 Search Terms:

1 - "fun in the murky"
2 - "bleep radio"
3 - "terry mullan"
4 - "todd bodine"
5 - "coin operated knights of the wrong table"

Other search terms that let me know which posts were perhaps the most resourceful for people:
"axel sohns", "robox neotech" + variations on the top 5.

The Raw Numbers:

Successful requests: 230,404
Average successful requests per day: 7,439
Successful requests for pages: 185,767
Average successful requests for pages per day: 5,997
Failed requests: 5,078
Redirected requests: 3,770
Distinct files requested: 7,660
Distinct hosts served: 6,729
Data transferred: 270.20 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 8.72 gigabytes

Google Analytics Data and Map
Geolocation Overlay of Fun in the Murky Visitors for the Month of December.

The circles are relative in size; the bigger the circle, the more people from that city visited!

During the month of December there were visitors from 788 cities across the world. Here's the top 20 city breakdown.

Sweden-Sundbyberg 136
Canada-Stoney Creek 135
Germany-Berlin 120
Poland-Szczecin 99
Canada-Toronto 75
Poland-Ruda Slaska 67
Canada-Thornhill 61
United States-Minneapolis 57
Poland-Gdansk 48
Poland-Warsaw 47
Poland-Warszawa 45
Malta-Lija 43
Japan-Tokyo 36
Sweden-Märsta 31
United Kingdom-Sunbury 31
Malta-Msida 30
Finland-Jyväskylä 29
United States-Morristown 29
Poland-Bydgoszcz 28
Poland-Kobylniki 27

Trevor Wilkes


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