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Video: August 2007 Archives

This week's Bleep Radio show is a 're-Live'. TSR played at a party called 'Wriggle' at Trädgården in Stockholm a few weeks back. This is the Live recording of their set. Tomas sent it over for use as a Bleep show and it's exclusive, aside from the small leak that usually happens from time to time!

More info about Fredrik Askebris, Robert Sundelin and Tomas Nordström AKA TSR can be found here:
Discogs, Otto TSR, TSR the Label

Download the August 23rd, 2007 Archive

As an addendum to the Bleep Radio download you can also check out a short list of a half dozen videos shot at the same party. They are available via the Swedish site

A While back Mike Holmes gave us the audio from Neil Landstrumm's set at his Soundslike gig in Chester. Now we have the video as well.

Download Neil Landstrumm @ Soundlike [video:170megs]

Here's another side to kIRk...

A new clip of kIRk. This time a little bit more mellow than it used to be, but we are sure you will enjoy it. It is also a début of our vocalist Evel. We've shoot it in a old factory in Warsaw. music/lyrics/mix/finalization by kIRk directed, edited, filmed by Tomek Jeziorski color correction by Jakub Jeziorski

kIRk on Myspace


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