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TSR & Garber Video

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It wasn't long ago that I put up the audio from a recent TSR gig. In fact it was only last week. I now have something more to add to the pot from the same night. Video!

I finally got a bit more info about the party it was recorded at too. Apparently there is some old house in the middle of nowhere in Hogdalen Sweden that is used by some punks to do music shows. You know the routine; gas up the generator and plug in the amp. Well this place holds about 300 people or so and it seems to have been a rocking little party.

I'll let you figure the rest out on your own as you watch...

It's been a while since I ran across a Slices DVD. I've got 2 kicking around somewhere and I think it'll be high time to dig out the newest one.... Considering who made the cut


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