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Various Artists “A Suitably Unsuitable EP” Fun in the Murky 002
A1 – Norman “Mac Brötchen” [ listen ]
A2 – Scott Robinson “Tinnitus” [ listen ]
B1 – Ben Pest “Massive Flounce” [ listen ]
B2 – Nox “Don’t Know Why 2″ [ listen ]
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The first FitM release is now available for wider pre-order. Until recently only those who contributed in the Kickstarter campaign have had copies sent out, but now the remainder of stock is open to all via

You are an alert reader. You no doubt have paid attention to the Kickstarter page where all the info for FitM 001 was posted. However, for your less alert friends, may they see this and grasp the weight of the situation.


The vinyl is pressed. It is sitting at my house in boxes. Over the next 1-2 weeks I will be boxing all the individual orders and mailing them out. The remainder will then be sent to Germany for distribution. In between those two steps the digital versions will be available for those who do not want the physical.

Thank you for participating. For thinking of participating. For not thinking of participating, because maybe someone else did just to spite you 😉

Thanks folks!

Update: The project has successfully raised the required funds –and then some. 2 things are happening right now: 1) I’m putting together the package of graphics and wav files to be sent off, and 2) Kickstarter is collecting the pledges. Kickstarter estimates the pledges will be sent to me in 14 days, however I will have the stuff sent off before that point. I will provide more information this weekend. My job will be in the way until then.

Thank you all!
Kickstarter update #2

Trevor Wilkes


Various “Too Stupid To Quit! (Fortunately)” Fun in the Murky 01
A1 – Paul Birken “Take Five Rework”
A2 – TSR & Paul Birken “Mustachen”
B1 – Scott Robinson “You’re the Victim”
B2 – TSR “Snoball I Fittan”

Kickstarter Project
Hello all, after a solid decade of maintaining the FitM web-site and other side projects, I am going to put some tracks to vinyl. This new project will be run through Kickstarter, which is a great way to allow many people to work as one. It was just recently opened up to people such as myself (Canadian). If you wish to contribute to a Fun in the Murky vinyl release then I urge you to check out the Kickstarter project page and either choose a preset contribution level with reward, or to merely take part via any amount you think will help.

If you think there is anyone out there that may want to pitch in and join our intimate little — yet world wide– group of people who enjoy music, if you think someone you know may be interested in having some Fun in the Murky. By all means, please let them know about the project. The immediate goal is of course the vinyl release, but if successful funding is achieved, I’ll be able to do much more than just this one. I’ll be able to carry this forward.

Support via Kickstarter

The goal is $1500 Canadian. This will allow me to release 200 copies of a record with the above tracks. have a separate mastering of the tracks for those who prefer digital. And more importantly to give something to those who lent their music to the project. This is the often neglected part of the equation. If we don’t support those making the music, they may not always be able to make the music.