Bleep Radio: Live Session & Episode Recording

On Sunday December 9th, AKA “World Techno Day” there will be a live audio and video stream from Fun in the Murky HQ by myself (Trevor Wilkes).

Starting at 1pm EST (-5 UTC – 6pm UK Time) and running for no preset amount of time it will be all pulled from the bag I played out with the night before at the local EvilRobo party “Biomechanical Telepathy”.

Audio and Chat @ the usual location:
Video stream @

The video stream has room for others to join in. Hit up the Mixlr chat and if you’ve got a webcam just request to be added to the video stream.

Expect oddball wonked out jack-tracks and nipple tweakers as usual. If you feel as if anyone you know may be interested, please share the event or at least point them in the direction of the Bleep Radio Fb Page.

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I live in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), but all the music I like and the people associated with it are far away. Everything I do is an attempt to make the world a smaller place for like minded people.

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