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My name is Trevor Wilkes. For longer than I feel comfortable even admitting these days I’ve been involved in what started as the Rave scene and has now changed into something more mature. I play records for people. I really enjoy it. Judging by what is available to me locally, it would seem I have a preference for stuff no one else also likes. Running solo on the topic you enjoy most kind of sucks. It’s boring for starters.

Everything I’ve done online in terms of Fun in the Murky and Bleep Radio over the last 10+ years has all been done out of sheer enjoyment and the desire to make something ….”more” (I refrain from using “better” for various reasons). The various sites and pages and copious amounts of music shared are all an effort to shrink the world. To find those of you who also like what I like. If that means all my free time is invested in finding, playing, releasing music, then so be it. I will continue to do so. I only ask you get in touch. Let me know my goal to shrink the world has worked, even if only a little bit.


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  1. hello. i know you like old dbx and xtrak tracks. i am a fan of that old true minimal techno but i can’t find more artists or releases like that. i found a lot of similar stuff in vogel’s, landtsrumm works and other artists in wonky techno scene but it was more into experemental and something different maybe more complex. i like wonky stuff too. but there is something special about those bleepy trax of xtrak & dbx. and still there are only 2 artists i know of that “style of music” i am digging. can you suggest me the way to go? or there’s really nothing else like xtrak & dbx ?