Various “All The Bleeps” Bleep 500
Record 1
A1 – Sane “Auger”
A2 – Jerome Hill “League Against Jazz”
B1 – Johan Platt “Forged Jack”
B2 – Ben Pest “Tilt Lock”

Record 2
C1 – Norman Müller “Bamm Im Mond”
C2 – Luke’s Anger “Sloth Father”
D1 – Tobias Schmidt “Le Interrupteur”

Record 3
E1 – Neil Landstrumm “Cleo Satan”
E2 – TSR Featuring Kosmonaut J “Can’t Stop Thinking”
F1 – JoeFarr “To See Her”
F2 – Paul Birken “Perpendicular Provider”

Record 4
G1 – SES “Dumbiedykes”
G2 – Tobias Schmidt “Speak”
H1 – Joseph Garber “We Not The Wack Yeah”
H2 – World News “Black Cat”

This Boxed Set can be pre-ordered in both Vinyl and Digital format using the following URLs:
BUY @ Deejay/Juno/Bandcamp
Aditionally there are 40 limited edition copies available from Isope that include a tape cassette with the releases tracks mixed on 1 side by Nox and the by Cedex on the flip.

Paul Birken, Clint house, Locked Club & RLGN “The Split EP With No Name” Fun in the Murky 006

A1 – Paul Birken “Death Procession”
A2 – Paul Birken “Death Procession (Myler Remix)”
B1 – Clint House “Late Night Griot”
B2 – Clint House “Late Night Griot (Locked Club & RLGN Remix)”

Dar Embarks & Johan Platt “The Pondular Divide EP” Fun in the Murky 005

A1 – Dar Embarks “Spy Boss”
A2 – Dar Embarks “Zeddemore”
B1 – Johan Platt “Ranttali”
B2 – Johan Platt “Wailer”

JoeFarr “Llarose EP” Fun in the Murky 004
A2 “Roller 4T1”
B1 “Tape 10”
B2 “FTone”

Scott Robinson “The Splintered EP” Fun in the Murky 003
A1 “Cause Trouble”
A2 “Satisfied”
B1 “This Generation”
B2 “Things People Say”

Norman, Scott Robinson, Ben Pest, Nox “A Suitably Unsuitable Ep” Fun in the Murky 002
A1 – Norman “Mac Brötchen”
A2 – Scott Robinson “Tinnitus”
B1 – Ben Pest “Massive Flounce”
B2 – Nox “Don’t Know Why 2”
B3 – Unknown Artist “Bleep Bleep”

Paul Birken, TSR & Scott Robinson ‎”Too Stupid To Quit! (Fortunately)” Fun in the Murky 001
A1 – Paul Birken “Take Five Rework”
A2 – TSR & Paul Birken “Mustachen”
B1 – Scott Robinson “You’re The Victim”
B2 – TSR “Snöball I Fittan”

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