Bleep Radio 245 by Trevor Wilkes

This mix was live-streamed on July 23, 2012 sometime between breakfast and lunch. I initially thought it was just going to be a quick jam session to explore a few mixes I had in mind, but turned out to be pretty fun. Fun needs to be kept around so I’m “Bleeping” this bad boy.

Archetype “Marz Attackz” Chair Recordings 14 [TELE:PORT EP 2001] Qwerty “Concrete Acid (303 Mix)” Rotten Row 04 [Concrete Acid EP 2006] Dj Rush “The Breaks” Omnisounds [97/99 Montherfuckin’Tracks 2000] Mike Dearborn “Birds on E” Djax-Up-Beats 283 [Birds on E Remixes EP 2006] Smooky “LFO’s Active” Mercurochrome 02 [Moitié-Moitié EP 2001] Michael Forshaw “The Joint” Horror Boogie 02 [How do we kill it? EP 2012
Reche & Recall “Agressiv” Nerven Records 38 [Agressiv EP 2008] Dj Lenk “Untitled” Drumecode 26 [142 EP 2003] Umek “Trust No One” Consumer Recreation 09 [Trust No One EP 2004] Luke’s Anger “Throwing Switches” Kitty Corner LTD 01 [Strucurally Unsound EP 2012] Sugar Experiment Station “Influence Technology” Scandinavia 03 [Ultimathule EP 1996] Noise Machine “Class A Part 1” Strukture 08 [Noise Machine EP 2009] Kid Unknown “Nightmare” Warp 20 [Nightmare/Mayhem EP 1992] Monopascal “Fat Damon” Slidebar 01 [Loading Highscore EP 2009] Maskin Ljud ‎”Metro X01″ Färden 01 [Den Första Färden EP 2010] Neil Landstrumm “Takks” Scandinavia [Index Man EP (Scan Re-release) 2001]

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I live in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), but all the music I like and the people associated with it are far away. Everything I do is an attempt to make the world a smaller place for like minded people.

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