If nothing else, then this;

It’s been a short while since I wrote anything here. I haven’t been hiding, I’ve been reveling in other climes.

I’ve previously mentioned how I find new sites like mixlr to be fantastic. It gives me less of an audience compared to where I used to broadcast –livesets.com. But what it does is make things more fun. With livesets I had a certain day and time to be ready for, which for me worked out great. I’m a pretty scheduled sort of person. But it became mechanical without me even realizing it. When something is heavily routined it is very difficult to keep it fresh. I love that the livesets guys approached me all those years ago (I think I was their first regular live stream!) to do the show, but I’m also glad I’m in a different place now.

With mixlr I can of course pop on whenever I want. I can also speak with the people listening as well, which is a very good way to keep things fun. The more the merrier, and I hope more and more people begin to use mixlr.


Another site I’ve been using more and more is Soundcloud. I know it’s not news to any of you, but my account is fresh. I think it’s the music site that Myspace wanted to be at one time, but failed because it looked and felt like it was designed by children. The only thing I find lacking in Soundcloud is a tag ability. Maybe facebook has spoiled me, but I like being able to tag people in notes and photos that mention them. In this case I want to be able to tag artists in a mix. It’s good for them isn’t it? Regardless of a feature I think is missing, it is a great site. I’ve been uploading older tribute mixes the last few days and enjoying the fact that new people get to hear them.


Also, I’m sitting here watching Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy. You should be too.

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  1. Wahouuuuuuuuuu,et moi qui croyais que Fun in the Murky ne verrai plus jamais le jour !!!!
    Je m’en vais checker mixlr de ce pas…
    et surtout MERCI Trevor. Keep it rolling… love your stuff !

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