Bleep Radio 252 by Mülli of Electronic Routes

Bleep Radio e252 was recorded live on November 9th, 2012 by Trevor Wilkes. The live-stream was aired via (audio and chat) and (video). It was good.

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To find out how to participate in and/or with Bleep Radio and the people that have beat you to the punch I recommend Twitter and the Bleep Radio Facebook Page.,

Bleep Radio 252 Track-list:

Paul Birken – (Jackstar Recordings)
Paul Birken – No Mo C64
Paul Birken – That Which My Shovel Finds
Paul Birken – Turtlespeek
Paul Birken – Hang 202
Paul Birken – Shrug It Off
Paul Birken – speaker freak
DJ ESP vs. Paul Birken – Psykipt Griddie Grab
Paul Birken – Bent Metal Elbow
Midiotz – Blip Blip (Paul Birken Remix)
Paul Birken – shogun snap
Martin Becker – Paul Birken Sample Mix Buffer_Overloads Rearrange
DJ ESP vs. Paul Birken – Muzzieplication
Paul Birken – Whirly bird
Paul Birken – Ebgagged
Headroom VS Paul Birken – Skylite
DJ ESP vs. Paul Birken – Age Old Question
paul birken – Sufferflex
paul birken – Pimp-Bot
paul birken – Grease Trap
Paul Birken – Qtipped
Paul Birken – era of nickel
Headroom VS Paul Birken – Track 4
Paul Birken – Waite Park Pt 1
Paul Birken – Door Mat
Ibrahim Alfa – Venus Fly Trap
Ibrahim Alfa – Corruption
Ibrahim Alfa – Mechanism
Ibrahim Alfa – You Ain’t Changed Nothing
Ibrahim Alfa – Previous Convictions
Ibrahim Alfa – Machine Code
Ibrahim Alfa – Second Class
Ibrahim Alfa – Program
Ibrahim Alfa – Full power to the deat ra
Ibrahim Alfa – Ko-Ko
Ibrahim alfa – black ops
Ibrahim Alfa – Asphalt
Ibrahim Alfa – Random coloured triangles
Ibrahim Alfa – (Force inc.)

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