Dar Embarks & Johan Platt “The Pondular Divide EP” Fun in the Murky 05

Following up with the Llarose EP by JoeFarr comes a split EP with different takes on what should make you jack. Dar Embarks, a duo hailing from Chicago lay out two tracks as a precursor to more to come. Tracky and acidic Spyboss will appease the inner bleep while Zeddmore will fit and hit with the heaviest you’ve got. Johan Platt of Finland covers the opposite side of this EP with two attacks on jack himself. Ranttali is a throwback to Armani and ACV days of distortion and punch while Wailer slows it down and lets the swing fill the space.

FitM005-A FitM005-BDar Embarks & Johan Platt “The Pondular Divide EP” Fun in the Murky 05

A1 – Dar Embarks “Spy Boss”
A2 – Dar Embarks “Zeddemore”
B1 – Johan Platt “Rantalli”
B2 – Johan Platt “Wailer”
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