Fun in the Murky #01 Exists

You are an alert reader. You no doubt have paid attention to the Kickstarter page where all the info for FitM 001 was posted. However, for your less alert friends, may they see this and grasp the weight of the situation.


The vinyl is pressed. It is sitting at my house in boxes. Over the next 1-2 weeks I will be boxing all the individual orders and mailing them out. The remainder will then be sent to Germany for distribution. In between those two steps the digital versions will be available for those who do not want the physical.

Thank you for participating. For thinking of participating. For not thinking of participating, because maybe someone else did just to spite you 😉

Thanks folks!

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I live in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), but all the music I like and the people associated with it are far away. Everything I do is an attempt to make the world a smaller place for like minded people.

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