Mr. & Mrs. Anything – Toronto monthly

On June 16th, 2012 a new monthly smattering of sounds is going to kick-off in a brand new venue. From the pinball machines at the front door, to the board games at the tables, to the Butter Chicken wings, it’s a solid place. I won’t even bother mentioning its size and sound. Both are beyond adequate.

Location: 3030 Dundas West, Toronto ON (High Park area)
Audio: Techno, House, Electro, Etc… (Focusing on what is good and not what is currently top-o-the-pops)

Mr. and Mrs. Anything is being run by a couple who enjoy music. They have brought a few other people into the fold to lend assistance. All involved are of the same mind and do not wish to submit anyone in attendance to what they can hear anywhere and everywhere else on any given night.

If you’re in or around Toronto, come out on the 16th of June. We’ll sip Ginger Ale together before I play tunes for all.


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I live in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario), but all the music I like and the people associated with it are far away. Everything I do is an attempt to make the world a smaller place for like minded people.


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