Bleep Radio #300 w/ Paul Birken & JoeFarr Live

Hello All!

I’ve been broadcasting “Bleep Radio” on the Internet since 2003. Originally on and then solo with the advent of Mixlr. those of you who have tuned in live or downloaded the many archived shows over the years know that I enjoy doing this and look forward to the live-shows.

With that in mind I’ve put something together for you. It’s really live. It’s really a show.

It’ll be fun.

I’ve reached out to quite a few friends to assist with this in various ways and hope it works out.

I don’t believe any of the people below need an introduction, but we’ll go through it all anyway. For those who may be new or still learning.


Saturday November 22nd, 2014
8pm GMT

Paul Birken [LIVE] – Minneapolis, US

JoeFarr [LIVE] – Bristol, UK

Trevor Wilkes [DJ] – Hamilton, CA

All Sets will be performed live and not pre-recorded. Paul and Joe will be teleporting their sets in from around the globe via the Internet and I will be broadcasting from Fun in the Murky headquarters. Our goal is to make this a Saturday night in, but make it feel like a Saturday night out for you.

8pm – 12am GMT
Set times to be determined and announced closer to time of performance.

Paul and Joe have very kindly not asked for anything in return for providing their music for this event. However I will be “surprising them” with something. If anyone would like to augment my surprise with a paypal donation (think in terms of a $1-$5 virtual ticket) I’m sure they would appreciate the support. ABSOLUTELY ALL donations will go to Paul and Joe evenly. It is not for me.

Paypal email:

Or during the stream itself there will be the possibility of using Streamtip for doing pretty much the same. These donations are at your discretion, are not required, and I/we do not frown upon anyone for not donating. You will still get the same music and hopefully have the same fun.

Lastly, I asked you all spread the word far and wide. Lets make this one a good one and have some fun.

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