Scott Robinson “The Splintered EP” Fun in the Murky 003


Scott Robinson “The Splintered EP” Fun in the Murky 003
A1 – Cause Trouble
A2 – Satisfied
B1 – This Generation
B2 – Things People Say

Release information
Pre-Sales: Now Available via
Release date: Early September 2015
Mastered by: Audible Oddities
Distributed by: Vinyl Labor


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Scott Robinson and all of his wonderful machines that go bleep (..and klack, brrrzzzzp, blip) at night have returned again to Fun in the Murky. His previous appearances have been leading up to a solo EP with material taken from recent live-sets as well as studio creations. We believe this EP is as fun for the feet as it is for the ears and everything in between. With nods to influences past and present; Scott has provided us all with four tracks that will stand-out and turn heads. It’s time to jack.

Reviews & early support
Charted on Resident Advisor by Ander Millex

Scott Robinson, In my opinion, is someone who really deserves more recognition and I believe fitm 003 proves it.

Cause Trouble – starts nice and easy… then explodes into a hard yet funky monster of crankiness… a wonderful dance floor decimatior.
Satisfied – is a lovely malfunctioning groover, a dark yet bouncy anti-cheese rumbler to shock out to.
This Generation – from start to finish is top draw, wonked out, techno goodness! A perfect example of the “wonky” sound.
Things People Say – the sound of the anti-xylophone of funk!… need i say more?

Bonus digital track
The Intro – for me, this is my favourite of all the tracks, a gonad crushing , manglelicious, banger of mashup wonk! The style which sadly is not released so often nowadays.

Fitm is a label, since 001, that has joined my list of “must have them all” labels. Helping to keep the alternative underground techno sound alive on vinyl. Big up yo shelve Mr murky!

– Wotta Mess

Positive feedback has been received from a bevy of beautiful people around the world. Brittany Latimer, Matty Emtee, Kyle Yip, Jason Warlock, Jason Justin, Jamie Behan, Luke’s Anger, Wotta Mess, Dave Tarrida, and Jerome Hill. Thank you all for taking the time to listen and let us know what you think.

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