joeFarr “Llarose EP” Fun in the Murky 004 – Now Available

The EP is now out as of today!

It’s time to have Fun in the Murky again as the 4th EP arrives on platters courtesy of JoeFarr. This record, bearing Joe’s daughter’s stylized name has been something of a special project here at FitM. Originally intended for vinyl release on Turbo Recordings of Montreal I couldn’t stand it when I found the vinyl release was no longer planned. I got in touch with both Joe and the kind folks at Turbo and have licensed it for this vinyl release. It truly is a record I believe in.

Starting off with IDOMTYK and ending with Ftone it’s a brutally honest look at the dancefloor. one side is covered with spastic rave stabs and vocal hooks and the other takes the early 90’s approach to solid electronics. All in all it’s how we define Techno in these parts. I hope you enjoy it –on vinyl!– as much as we do.

This really is an EP that I couldn’t let only exist in digital format. It’d be such a shame. I thank Joe himself and the fellows at Turbo for working with me to make this happen.

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